The Zion Gives service offers members a convenient and safe method to make regular church offerings without needing to write checks, carry cash or prepare envelopes. Zion Gives works the same way as a direct deposit of payroll, pension or retirement benefits. Many people pay loans or utility bills with direct payments as well. Zion Gives member offerings are transmitted to the church’s bank account on the same day. Scheduled, automatic offerings keep pledge intentions on track. Members choose the donation frequency that is the best for them. Some members choose weekly, preferring to give in a similar frequency as their church attendance. Other members choose monthly, which helps them to better remember the payment date. Electronic donations are safe and efficient. Members benefit from donation consistency and a reduction in the volume of check and cash contributions that must be handled and manually processed by the counting teams. Another benefit of electronic giving is its positive impact on the environment, as many resources are consumed in the production, transportation, processing and disposal of paper checks.

FAQs for “Zion Gives”

How does “Zion Gives” work?
Answer: Zion Lutheran uses Vanco Services to provide the Zion Gives service. Vanco generates scheduled ACH debits and ACH credits to transfer funds between members and Zion’s Treasury account. Donations are available to Zion on the same day that they are debited from member accounts. No paper checks are used by the service.

Who is Vanco?
Answer: Vanco is the company that Thrivent Financial used for their Simply Giving program. Vanco operates with the same level of data security as banking institutions. Member financial information is stored only on Vanco’s system.

Who at Zion sees my “Zion Gives” information?
Answer: The Financial Secretary and the Zion Gives coordinator. Zion Gives donations are not seen by the counting teams or the Stewardship Board.

Why is Zion offering the “Zion Gives” service?
Answer: Zion Gives is a tool to help members fulfill pledge commitments through consistent timing of donations. Electronic transactions eliminate the need to write checks.

Can I use “Zion Gives” and my offering envelopes?
Answer: Yes. Members will continue to receive a box of envelopes. A member could use Zion Gives for some amount of regular and mission donations, and then use an envelope periodically to supplement their giving. Special service and mission envelopes should be used for those specific purposes. Zion Gives is not designed for donations for special services such as Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What if I want to try “Zion Gives” with a small amount?
Answer: This is a good way to become familiar with the Zion Gives service. If you like the convenience and consistency of electronic donations, it will be easy to increase your donation amount with a new Zion Gives authorization form.

Do I put anything in the offering plate if I use “Zion Gives”?
Answer: The member does not need to put anything in the offering plate to indicate participation in Zion Gives. Your donation is being received by Zion on the schedule that you specified. Special purpose or special service donations should be made with an envelope indicating that purpose.

Do I have to use “Zion Gives” to contribute to Zion Lutheran Church?
Answer: Using Zion Gives is voluntary. Scheduled, automatic donations are convenient, and benefit Zion with consistent cash flow, as well as efficiency in depositing and recording donations.



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